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Non Residents

If you live abroad and have money invested in the UK we can help you file your return.

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If you have rented out any building or accommodation in the UK.

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Self Employed

Working for yourself? Sole trader? Declare your income and claim your expenses under this section.

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Partnership entities having two or more partners have to declare partnership income and expenses. We can help file your partnership return (SA800) as well as Individual Partner’s Returns (SA100)

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A scheme where subcontractor’s payments are deducted by contractors and paid to HMRC as advance payment of tax and NI. All contractors must be registered for this scheme.

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Directors of the company have to file return to declare HMRC regarding annual salaries and/or dividends if any.

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Share Holders of companies have to file return to declare income on their investments in companies.

Our Pricing Plans

  • UK Individuals Living Overseas
  • Land and Property Income
  • Non Residents Landlords
  • Self Employment
  • Partnerships
  • Directors
  • Shareholders
  • High Earners
  • CIS
  • PDF Download
  • Trust
  • Foreign Income
  • Amended Returns Option
  • Unlimited Chat Support via Email or Phone
  • A member of our team to review your tax return and to deal or answer with any tax queries or matters

£ 20.00/per tax return

Submit any 3 self assessment returns

£50.00/3 tax returns


£75.00/per tax return

Our Clients Feedback

  • - Easy to use, with the support documents. Also had a good experience with staff member Shehbaz - who under workload pressure (on deadline 31 Jan 2020), was able to identify my case specific issue and steer me onto submitting a successful (non-error) submission. I will be strongly recommending this platform to Ex-Pats, here in Germany, through our social media channels. Thanks again for a great experience. I highly recommend this feedback also being also passed onto HMRC - letting them know they have a great vendor acting in their, and UK nationals', interest.

    Simon Black | 5

  • - Great easy to use software thank you!

    Jay Spence | 5

  • - Customer support was great! Thank you!

    Anastasiya Good | 5

  • - Good

    Andrew Beane | 4

  • - First time user, very easy to use. May use again if disorganised in the future

    David Cleugh | 5

  • - Simple to use. Great after I realised last minute that I couldn't do regular self-assessment as a non-UK resident, a real life-saver!

    Harriet Salem | 5

  • - Very helpful and easy to use

    Nataliya Rakova | 5

  • - id like to say thank you to all who helped me. however i would just say some of your clients like me are lay people with no idea of what the difference is between resident and domiciled. on the whole a positive experience. plus you are probably extremely busy at this time!

    Johanna Hughes | 4

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